Annual General Body Meeting of the Institute will be held on 31 March 2018 for details please click here | Institute proposes to dispose off certain condemned items like: AC, Air Coolers, Computers, Carpet, EPABX, Filling Cabinet, Table, Waste Paper Basket, Card Index, Card Stand, Induction Heater, Laptop, Monitors, Printers, Photocopier, refrigerator, Room Heater UPS, Water Cooler, Pedestal Fan, Amplifier, Loud Speaker, Electric Kettle, Microphones, Table Fan, Tea Pot, Tape Record, Type Writers, Weighing Machine. The condemned items will be open to inspection by prospective bidders from 26.02.2018 to 05.03.2018 between 1000 hours to 1700 hours in the Institute premises. Sealed quotations from bidders will be accepted upto 07.03.2018 between 1000 hours to 1700 hours. The Director, ICPS reserves the right to call off the bidding process and or reject the bids received without assigning any reason at any point of time.

About Institute

The Institute was inaugurated by late dr. s.radhakrishanan, the then president of india and chief Patron of the institute on december 10, 1965 in the central hall of parliament house, the institute of constitutional and parliamentry studies is a unique institution in the field of constitutional law and parliamentry affairs and providing a bridge among the parliamentrians , the academics, the practitioners and the researchers. The institute has a specialized library in the field of constitutional law and parliamentry studies.

Regional Branch

regional branches of the institute may be constituted for any state or a group of states and one or more local branches for any area within a state to engage in activities conducive to the attainment of the objects of the institute, subjects to the bye-laws framed from time to time .

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